Granite countertops pros and cons


Pros: Granite's beautiful mottling and the host of colors and patterns found in nature make each piece one of a kind. It stands up well to splashes, knife nicks, heat and other wear and tear.

Cons: Like most stone, granite must be sealed every so often to avoid stains. And its heaviness means you'll need very sturdy cabinet boxes to support the weight.

Cost: $35 to $100 per square foot, installed.

The slideshow below shows some recently installed granite countertops with stone that is locally available.

  • granite_01
  • granite_02
  • granite_03
  • granite_04
  • granite_05
  • granite_06
  • granite_07
  • granite_08
  • granite_09
  • granite_10
  • granite_11
  • granite_12
  • granite_13
  • granite_14
  • granite_15
  • granite_16
  • granite_17
  • granite_18
  • granite_19
  • granite_20
  • granite_21
  • granite_22
  • granite_23
  • granite_24
  • granite_25
  • granite_26
  • granite_27
  • granite_28
  • granite_29
  • granite_30
  • granite_31
  • granite_32

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